Neighborhood: Seattle's New Waterfront

One block to the west of Stadium Place is the southern end of the new Waterfront Seattle Project.  Envisioned as a world class transformation of the Seattle’s waterfront by the world renowned design team of James Corner, the new waterfront will be completed by Summer 2017 and is an exceptional amenity for the Stadium Place Project.

The transformation of Seattle's waterfront is being made possible by the removal of the failing Alaskan Way Viaduct and replacement of the deteriorating Elliott Bay Seawall. These projects open-up new public space, from the Olympic Sculpture Park to Pioneer Square, for parks and paths, access to the water, places to enjoy views, vibrant public and cultural spaces, and a new urban street that will accommodate all modes of travel and provide an important connection in the City's transportation system. 

The Waterfront Seattle projects as they are still in the conceptual design stage and design for any project is not far enough along to have final design plans. The picture emerging for Waterfront Seattle includes a wide range of improvements, some big and some small, each separately helping make Seattle’s waterfront a better place. These improvements will be implemented as the need and opportunity arises and funding allows. Implementation will include advancing the design concepts to provide the more detailed information needed for environmental review and permitting. The type of environmental review and permits will largely depend on whether in-water work is involved and the potential for significant impacts. The public, agencies and stakeholders will be informed and involved as each project moves forward. This approach allows flexibility to move projects forward and ensures each improvement will have appropriate, detailed review. 

For additional information on the project please go to the website or download the Current Concept Plan by clinking here.

Now imagine living within one block of the newest public amenity in Seattle. Circling seagulls charm the chattering crowd. Aromas pepper the briny air—freshly baked waffle cones and steaming baskets of fish & chips entice you. You sidestep to make room for a passing jogger and smile as a young couple poses for a photo. Signs call out: “Fresh Oysters! Souvenirs! Buy your tickets here!”

Perhaps you came to browse the eclectic souvenir and curio shops and taste the fresh Pacific Northwest seafood. Perhaps you came to catch a ride to the beautiful islands of Puget Sound. Or maybe you just came to relax on a pier and enjoy the romantic Waterfront views.

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