Photo by Christopher Nelson

Neighborhood: Pioneer Square

The gateway from the continental United States to the Canadian Klondike region during the Klondike Gold Rush starting in 1896, Pioneer Square was the original downtown of Seattle.  Changing fortunes left this area a derelict and decadent skid row after World War I. At one point in the 1960’s many of the architecturally stunning 19th century brick and stone buildings were threatened with demolition to make way for parking garages for downtown commuters, but a community effort was successful in creating the first certified National Historic District in 1970.  Today, Pioneer Square is home to numerous art galleries, restaurants, night clubs, and retail shops.  More recent efforts by those who live in Pioneer Square focus on the revitalization of the community through organizing events such as art walks through the dozens of galleries situated in Pioneer Square or weekly market bazaars.  To learn more about the neighborhood visit the community association responsible for revitalizing the neighborhood. The Alliance for Pioneer Square