Daniels Real Estate Co.

Project Sponsors: 
Daniels Real Estate Co. and R.D. Merrill Company

Stadium Place Investors LLC

Property Size:90,213 sq. ft. or approximately 2 acres

Project Details:

Total Gross Square Footage– 915,413

  • Residential Housing – 687,598
  • Retail – 18,580
  • Lobby & Service Area – 19,564
  • Parking – 139,296
  • Amenity & Rooftop Areas- 38,589
  • Mechanical & back of house – 11,786

Number of Residential Units- 787

  • Market Rate Units- 687
  • Affordable Units- 30
  • 70 Affordable Units will be built offsite

Total Parking Stalls- 360

  • For Residential use- 300
  • For Retail use- 60

Total Construction Costs (in 2011 dollars)

  • Phase 1 costs- $180,000,000
  • Phase 2 costs - $75,000,000
  • Estimated number of construction jobs to be created- approximately 2,700

When completed in 2015, the proposed development will be comprised of:

  • Podium of 4 stories with retail and parking
  • Three residential towers with heights of 100’, 200’ and 240’
  • Over 700 residential units in Pioneer Square neighborhood
  • Approximately 18,600 square feet of retail/commercial space on the ground floor
  • 360 parking stalls within four levels of structured parking

Stadium Place: Key Facts

  • When completed, the Stadium Place project will be the largest transit oriented development on the West Coast with access to more transit options than any other location in the region (heavy rail, light rail, street car, regional and local buses, and ferry service).   
  • The property is entitled with unprecedented development rights including increased density, approved massing, maximum height limit of 240’ (vs. surround properties limits of 85’/120’) and a flexible development timeline.  The project will contain approximately 900,000 square feet of residential and commercial development.
  • Current conceptual plans now include approximately 700 residential units onsite plus the commercial development.  Included within the residential units will be 30 units of affordable housing at 70% of King County medium income prioritized for artists.  In addition, an additional 70 units of affordable housing at 60% of King County medium income or below is planned to be constructed off site at the corner of Fifth & Main with InterIm CDA.
  • The project will feature approximately 18,600 sf of retail to serve the residents and the Pioneer Square neighborhood.  Retail uses within the project will include a restaurant and health club facility.
  • The project will include nearly 360 parking stalls replacing the approximate 250 stalls currently on the property.
  • The project will take “green” design to a new level with the first planned project specific district energy system in Seattle, an urban agriculture component, a “living wall”, on-site production of electricity from wastewater and wind, and re-use of stormwater collected on site.  Plans include working with both stadiums on an energy district.
  • Residential amenities will include multiple on-site health club facilities, numerous recreational opportunities for residents, dog run, a resident farmer, and resident’s only entertainment facility on the top floor of each tower.
  • Located in Pioneer Square, Seattle’s oldest neighborhood, with art galleries, museums, restaurants, bars & clubs, vibrant neighborhood retail, parks, two sports stadiums and an exhibition center.
  • Current development timetable is to proceed in 2011 by constructing the podium base, and then construct two of the three residential apartment towers.  The development of the third tower will follow upon successful leasing of the prior two towers with an estimated start time in 2014.
  • Led by an experienced development team with nearly 4,000,000 sf of development projects within the south downtown neighborhoods (projects include Union Station, Starbucks Center, and Merrill Place), plus extensive residential experience throughout the country